Enter the Metaverse: Going deeper into the Digital World Change


After the famous decision of Facebook to go Meta, “The Metaverse” is undoubtedly the slogan of the moment.

Do you know about it? Are you interested in diving deeper into this new world? Are you curious about investing in it?

As the “Internet” was misunderstood in the early 90s, there are many confusions and mistakes regarding the Metaverse today and we believe the first thing to do is to understand it.

That’s why we are offering this 2-hour course to be answering all your uncertainties about the Metaverse, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies & NFTs.

A course by Jack Jendo, who is enthusiastically ready to teach you what he learned from:

  • 12+ years as a Technology & Digital Marketing Strategist.
  • His experience as a Blockchain Manager & Metaverse Planner.
  • His journey in training and consulting for dozens of companies and entrepreneurs.

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